Friday, October 30, 2009

Fearless Platinum Edition

as everybody know, im a pretty diehard fan of Taylor Swift..recently she launched her new genius addition of her album Fearless Platinum has 6 new songs [which is I listen quite often since I download it!]..i'm looking forward to purchased it when i'm back at Penang, really worth it :)
Fearless [Platinum Edition] [Bonus Tracks] [CD/DVD]
Disc 1
1 Jump Then Fall Bonus Track 3:58
2 Untouchable Bonus Track 5:11
3 Forever & Always Bonus Track / Piano Version 4:28
4 Come in with the Rain Bonus Track 3:58
5 Superstar Bonus Track 4:22
6 The Other Side of the Door Bonus Track 3:58
7 Fearless 4:02
8 Fifteen 4:55
9 Love Story 3:56
10 Hey Stephen 4:16

Disc 2
1 Change Bonus Track / DVD
2 The Best Day Bonus Track / DVD
3 Love Story Bonus Track / DVD
4 White Horse Bonus Track / DVD
5 You Belong with Me Bonus Track / DVD
6 On the Set Behind the Scenes at the Music Videos DVD
7 Fearless Tour 2009 Photo Gallery DVD
8 Fearless Tour 2009 First Show Behind the Scenes DVD
9 CMT Awards "Thug Story" DVD
love u taylor
**guys check my playlist for the 6 new song!!yay!


kdee said...

sha..ko dah download sume lagu ni ke??sumpah taylor swift best gile!

.MISS_SHASHA. said...

kdee...mmg syok si taylor ni..smooth je, kat playlist blog aku dah tukar 0 6 lagu baru dia :)

kdee said...

huhu..taylor mmg best gila!!!!tiap2 pun msti nk dgr lagu dia.huhu