Sunday, July 12, 2009


hati perempuan mudah terasa.. whether you guys deny it or not, trust me, for every girl in this world, hati kami macam kaca nipis, sikit saja retak pasti akan pecah. in my life for 23 years i am a spoil daughter and sister and i'm trying to change that everytime i can. when i arrive at terengganu, i'm happy because i tak nanges teruk sbb i expect i akan homesick teruk, maybe because i dah matured and terengganu is a very nice place. but this morning when i talk to my dad about something that going to happened soon, i cry again, i cry a lot, non stop. i know this is isn't about me but ME, the person that thinking too much about people that i care most, of course i cry, of course i mad. nasib baik tak ada sapa2 dlm bilik. but i keep telling myself, it's's fine but i can't ..i can't lie to myself, i can't say to myself that this is ok if i'm not going home. i know 'this' lama lagi but for me, tak lama. untuk orang macam i yang boleh tunggu nak balik rumah lagi 5 weeks, though i proud for myself for that, for me tak lama, jap je..

[someone should find one guy for me, soon! huahua!]

**my heart ok by noon huhu dah tak marah sapa2 dah [itulah i,,huhu]
**my little girl demam when i call again this maghrib,,cian dia. agaknya sedey kena tinggal.suma dah balik, tinggal dia sensorang.yelah dia pun dah besar, dah pandai terasa macam tu mum told me, she miss me a lot [maybe mak nak sedapkan hati i jek huhu]

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