Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A friend in need is a friend indeed

I met my best friend, Has yesterday. It just 30 minutes of meeting because i had not much time during my break hour...it is emotional for me because i did really really miss her...so so much... So much terrible thing happened to me till I feel like I need her sometimes next to me to say all good things I wanna hear. But bila jumpa 30 minutes je not so much thing that we can't talk about and I’m looking forward to meet her on Friday nite because I invite her for my birthday ‘makan-makan’ or if she can't turn on to my ‘makan-makan’ , I hope she can come on Saturday sbb my tok wat kenduri pulak..

So, let's talk what make me crazy last week. I’m done of being good to a person that never been good to me. I’m sick of that, seriously. I have this friend that get another good job and quit our job last year, [I don't know i should call friend or not] if she borrowed my money and just act like she forget that, I’m fine. I can wait but when i text her so many times and she just ignore, you really make me mad. And boleh pulak dia call org lain macam nothing happened. Hey, kalau pinjam duit orang, tak reti nak bayar balik takkan lah tak reti nak sms bgtau je gaji tak masuk ke..kalau nak pinjam duit bukan main manis mulut tapi kalau nak bayar macam lari dr orang nak tarik keta!!! How could you just so quiet?? Even tak ada duit langsung nak reply msg ckp "i sihat, sori duit gaji yang dari bulan 12 hari tu tak masuk lagi" tak boleh ke??nak sms cuma 15 cent je,,OMG why i know this kind of people??? Why??gosh..ini lah org ckp..indah khabar dr rupa, dr mulut and dr everything.. I’m so sad not because of the money, I’m sad on how easy I trust somebody and i got this! I trust her as my good friend, as a friend that I can lean on, not this kind of friend, sigh…

And second... haha all about the betrayal of Sha's friend…Someone come out from the closet recently. I don't know where she comes from after her ignoring me for past 8 months and suddenly pop out!!! Shila told me just ask them why they did that to me...but I can't because if I ask them, I might apologized them for what they did to me and people, i don't want to!!! Yes, I CAN’T FORGIVE THEM!! I’m not forgiving them on what they make me suffer during that horrible time…

I don't have much friend. athirah and has from my secondary, isyarul from primary, and the girls from my college, itu pun dah lama tak contact dorang..and bila kat office i try to be good with all people. Especially now when I’m a working girl, my time almost all contribute to work and when my off day i go back to my hometown to be with my family...that is the best place in my world,,

A friend in need is a friend indeed} but never trust anybody in your life, seriously!



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NiSa said...

sha... wut happen on u? gosh... very the terrible post.. jgn sedey2 ya... keep smiling... k