Monday, June 2, 2008


It’s June 2nd, which is my brother’s birthday. Well, I have five brothers, two older brothers and their birthday is on the same date. No, they are not twins! One of them is born on 1979 and the other one is on 1981. Yes, it’s a coincidence hahaha
I grew up spend much time with them especially when I am a little girl, and till today, I still consider myself as their little sister. Too much things changed in our family for a couple of years ago. We welcome our first in-law and within a year, added another adorable little girl, the most precious diamond in our family. It’s a hard task for me for the early time, well, you know, I am the only girl in my family for 20 years. Yeah, that’s a crap excuse but try put yourself in my shoes and you guys know will know it!!! But now, I’ll take it as a gift from God,, it is really nice to have a sister around you, [it’s not like I’m telling her everything but we can gossiping sometimes hihi]
I’m so closed with my second brother. We are able to meet at least once in a month and it’s great because he always took me for a shopping spree hihi. There are lot’s of stuff he done to me and I don’t know I can be just like him, so concern and a very good role model.

“You guys are so many things to so many people, but to me you are just my great brothers, happy birthday! Love y’all so much!!xoxo”


anne said...

happy bday to yr bro:-)

Elylinn said...

hopefully boleh terima lagi sorang elder sister lepas ni ehh.. (^-^)

.shasha. said...

of course kak lin :)