Tuesday, May 6, 2008

XOXO Nice Lunch and Pusing-pusing... hihi

Hallo, lama tak post anything! I have to deal with some personal matters that bring me to idiot situation! I tak ramai kawan untuk mengadu, maybe dua or tiga orang je. I maybe menyusahkan diaorang but they all are always with me! Thanks girls! So, I have decided to move on with people who appreciate me more =D. So, buh-bye problemsss, buh-bye old memories, buh-bye witches!

May 6, 2008

--> (This early morning after we {abg Li, kakZila, ainSofia and me} have breakfast at Kopitiam)

My sis and my bro extremely excited to suggest the place for me to go for lunch this morning. I’m telling my sis last night that I want to go out with my friend so I have to bring Ain Sofia along, and I didn’t notice that she really understand other meaning of ‘friend’. (susah sungguh!) Then, when we arrived at my sis pny tempat keja, dengan senang hatinya she told her boss and colleague yang I nak gi dating, so Ain Sofia akan stay dengan dia time I pg makan! Isk, isk, kesian aku! Mangsa keadaan!

To anybody that probably excited to ‘korek’ and curious, I’m still single and available hehe (my sis still tak percaya!) and I’m going out not with a “friend” but with my good girlfriend! OMG, ramai orang yang sibuk ngan status I sampai I sendiri rasa kesian kat diri sendiri huhu okay, biarlah yang tu…

So, kitaorg {zam and me} plan nak lunch together, and my ‘task’ is kena pick tempat (why always me??) Selalunya I akan pick UNO, tapi isk isk UNO dah takde, terpaksa lah cari tempat lain! Mula tu byk tempat my sis suggest tapi, ntahlah tak berkenan pulak. Rasa mcm nak ajak gi melantak McD je. Tapi I rasa I want her to pick tempat pulak! Last sekali kitaorg pun pg lah sini:

Damiral's Grill, Restaurant and Coffe, somewhere in Alor Star

It’s a western restaurant, its orange too (just like UNO, cuma mcm exclusive sket). Since this is our first time kat situ, kitaorg tak tahu nak makan ape, take time jugak. I igt nak order salad tapi karang mcm tak berbaloi lak datang, so I order Chicken Chop and coke, and my dear friend tadi, order Chicken Parmigianna and her always favorite Vanilla Milk Shake,

My classic~ meal hihi

Her Italian ~~ meal

y’ll tengok, pe kebendanya atas chicken chop tu? Macam taruk dalam soto tu je.. sigh..

My first impression: I miss UNO! Huhu macam sedap, macam besar je ayam tu, her ayam pun, BUT ropa-ropanya kentang kat bawah ayam tu yang banyak haha and zam punya de spaghetti di ‘cover’ oleh ayam dia hikhik,, we all makan and sembang, sembang, sembang sampai I punya knife jatuh (isk, malu sungguh!) Actually, waktu tu, I dengan bersemangatnya explain something dekat dia. Haha I really have fun during that lunch.

Ni after we left the table, see, kitaorg tak sentuh pun 'bihun' tu..

It’s been a long time since I laugh and gossiping (yeah, you are good gossip girl that day,zam!). I love gossip, just for fun of course! Everybody who really know me know how happy I am when I can giggle and smile when I gossiping with my girls. Don’t judge me; while not everyone is willing to admit it, everybody loves juicy pieces of gossip, hahahaha betul tak?? And look who please to pay for my lunch hihi

Next lunch, turn I pulak, + + Batman punya ticket hihi

Then kitaorg pegi Star Parade, jenjalan je + I beli my HOT magazine and some pearl-pink-candy for her heee she hates pink! After that pegi pick Ain Sofia, suka dia ngan Auntie ler haha. Lepas tu pegi Alor Star Mall [fakta: this is my first time jejak kaki kat situ!] and the best part is, UNO ade kat sini hooray!! Kitaorg window shopping je,, berat pulak dukung Ain Sofia. Dia pulak nampak macam takde mood nak shopping ngan kitaorg.

Tak nak tgk kamera pun..

Ain Sofia confused and someone pandai dukung baby =D

One thing happened kat AS Mall, haha activis lak, we sign untuk anti-nuclear, not really clear the objektif cuz auntie cina tu mcm kalut jek, yang pasti bird I terbang tinggi haha, tq zam,

After that she sent me home, I bagi dia banyak DVDsssss,, marathon DVD lah dia pasni… I kirim buah yang dia tak tahu apa nama ny.. sigh [haha]

I love this day, at least I can let myself have fun and stop thinking about what bother me a lot for a couple of week ago. Athirah, we are happy kalo u bleh join kitaorg pasni! Jom tengok Batman this summer!!!! [walopun kita tak de summer!] Hahaha

Other time ppl, okay!

XOXO muacccks


anne said...

shasha ni tinggal kat A/Star ke....hometown Kak Anne tu.

.shasha. said...

eh ye ke?? sha mmg asal kedah =D hometown k.anne area mn??

anne said...

Kat Alor Star. Jln Sultanah

.shasha. said...

eh eh kak anne, tak jauh sangat tu.. kawasan kg ke perumahan? weee ntah2 dekat ngan rmh kwn sha