Saturday, May 31, 2008


I am addicted to shoes. Lot’s girls are! Hihi I’m going to Kuala Kangsar tomorrow (without lil girl!) for this wedding of a son’s of my mum’s friend, my mum just picks my new ‘baju kurung’ all the way from Perlis and I ask my sis to go out for a shoe’s shopping. Well, there are no Vincci, Nose, Nine West or whatever here in Kedah, but I love my hometown so much and I’m not really care about that. Shopping at my hometown is much better that Mid Valley hihi. So we went to Star Parade, and I went to this one store, Lucky Angle (LA), searching for quick-shoes at the discount area! Hey, even Gisele Bundchen loves discount! I used to buy this one beautiful heels here, just RM 19.90 haha don’t believe it? My auntie taught it cost RM50, wuahaha so funny,,,
But my ‘goal’ that night is NOT heels, (owh, it is soooo hard to get off of those heels! huhu) I just want a flip-flop maybe or anything just not heels. I can’t found at LA, so we went to another store, ZA. Yeah, lot’s of choices haha crazy! So, after near an hour I get through the difficulties of choosing the right shoes, finally I choose one,
I’m not really satisfied because I pick it in a very rush time, (well, my sis also pick one – just like me but brown!kuikui) The price? RM24.90…heee

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