Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sensitive: Daniel Henney

I'm a sensitive person, a very very sensitive person. Really easy to cry on any causes. This morning, after having breakfast with my 2nd brother, we watched a Korean movie - My Father. As we suspect, Korean drama or movie always had a sad ending, which is I hate to see but my brother love it. Sigh, both of us selalu je lain pendapat(except Arsenal - it's a family unite!). Ok, back to the movie. For those yang belum tengok citer ni, I extremely recommend, gi ler cari dvd or cd or whatever yang korang leh tengok. And I heard that this movie also one of the movie in this month Astro Box Office. C'mon, rent it =D

Here some synopsis from this very loving movie:

The movie, which is based on a true story, is about an adopted son who is searching for his biological parents in South Korea. During his search he meets his real father, a condemned murderer on death row (that's the tragic point!). Daniel Henny (who is so hot hot guy heee) plays the lead role of James, who works as a volunteer in the United States armed forces in Korea. He asks questions of why his father is on death row and finds out things that he always wanted to know. Then he finds more and more truths unravel about his father and his life.

Time tgh movie tu, confuse gak (biasalh citer korea!), but in the end, this very touching movie really show the motive well. :My Father: - Enough said, the title tell everything!
Don't ask me either I cry or not (what a question anyway, haha). I am damn sleepy right now. Nak post gambar kitaorgg kenduri tadi tapi tal larat dah~~~
I'll post it later. Till then, daaa~~~

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anne said...

kena cari DVD ni....