Monday, April 21, 2008

My Review : VIVAH ~ A Journey from Engagement to Marriage

This morning, I bangun, mcm biasalah, lebih awal drpd biasa hihi, Ain Sofia dah balik, so rutin kembali normal ler. Then lebih kurang kol 10 dia ngantuk, so tidurkan dia semula. Selalunya kalo weekdays, time gitu I tgk AXN, NY. Then weekends, takde citer menarik pagi2 nih. Then I tune tu Kirana. Tgk de citer Bollywood, Vivah. Macam menarik jek! Hihi memang menarik pon. Amazing romantic love story! Awwwww, mmg seronok [sebab Shahid Kapoor tu cute sangat and amat secocok ngan Amrita Rao]. Look at the pic! It tells everything.


After the passing away of his wife, wealthy Delhi-based businessman, Harishchandra, took it upon himself to bring up two sons, Sunil and Prem (yummy Shahid Kapoor!]. When they grew up he got Sunil married to Bhavna, and let Prem complete his education, even let him study abroad. Soon Sunil and Bhavna gave birth to a son, Rahul. When Bhagat told him that he had found a suitable match for Prem in Poonam [the stunning Amrita Rao], the niece of Krishnakant, a fruit merchant from Madhupur, Uttar Pradesh, the family traveled there, met with Krishnakant, his wife, Rama, and daughter, Rajni, and instantly approved of Poonam. Prem and Poonam also approved of each other, the Astrologer was consulted and a marriage was scheduled to take place in six months time. Shortly thereafter the engagement took place. The two families met again in Som Sarovar, Nainital, to let everyone get acquainted, and when Prem got his first contract from Japan, Krishnakant took his family to Delhi to celebrate. With the deadline for the marriage drawing close, both families start their respective preparations - not knowing that fate may have other plans in store for this young couple.

(credit to: IMDb)

Trust me, citer ni lain dr citer Bollywood yang mcm menipu tu hehe. Its a journey from engagement to marriage story. So, jom tengok!!

Miss Shasha's Hot Rate : 5/5

huhu,,very very yummy couple!

*p/s: thanx god, Malaysians vote out Saida last AF concert! Brilliant!*

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