Saturday, April 26, 2008

[Cristiano Ronaldo : Loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] [Leona Lewis : Sensational]

Hye everyone!

Okay, today agak best sebab tadi I dinner ngan my family kat tepi pantai dekat Kuala Perlis!! geee,,y'all I Love BEACH!!! and of course, the food too. Btw, we all dekat perlis sebab my paknjang kena operate tengah hari tadi. Okay, that's it, I nak citer pasal benda lain.

Ok first thing first, well done Cristiano Ronaldo for your failure to score a PENALTY for the first leg semi-final of Champions Leauge at Nou Camp, Barcelona, Spain. You LOSER! Oh, I'm sorry my dear MU Fans out there but I can't stand looking at his 'arrogant-macam best' face! Huh, please okay... And he said he will score at Manchester next week. We'll see, honey!

Okay, second topic. So, American Idol say bye-bye to Carly Smithson last Thursday.[who cares anyway, terang-terang si Archuleta tu akan menang! Gosh, I hate the favorite...booh-san!!!!!] That's not the main point here because what really caught my attention is the singer that AI invite in the half-time,,waaa my one and only - Leona Lewis! She is an amazing and outstanding singer. Simon Cowell and Clive Davis basically found her from the reality show from Britian, X-Factor. Guys, sape2 yang belum lagi dengar her hit song - Bleeding Love, better pegi dengar. I can say that she is my new favorite and she conquered the world. No 1 in Britian, No 1 in States, No 1 in Germany and I heard she looking forward to Aussie soon! When she perform in AI last Thursday, I feel so proud because I am her fan. Millions out there love her too. And I wonder why Metro punya review [mr.Rudy] cakap her song not strong enough! Tak dengar betul2 ke?

Simon is sooo lovely...???Hahaha


Hafez Rachwan said...

mu dh brjaya pegifinal la..huk3

Anonymous said...

nobody likes you, everyone likes ronaldo. get a life. hes the most amazing player in the enitire league.

.MISS_SHASHA. said...

my brothers hate friends hate ronaldo..haha whatever..but i never thinks he is the most amazing player in the ENTIRE league..please..there are more player valueable than him..