Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm 22! :My Fablicious McDreamy Birthday Bash!:

Hi again...

Today is my birthday. 22nd years old. Oh, so soon, 22 quite old for me. Sigh... Honestly, I don't plan anything for a party or whatever. Yus is the first person to wish for me, via hp. Usually, my dear friend, Su always being the first person to call me. She will laugh happily because erk, heh i guess being the first person to wish is a precious thing for her. But anyway, I don't know where is she this year. But it's ok. No biggie for me. As long as they remember today is my birthday, I'm okay!

This evening I watched MTV, my super sweet 16. Oh, if i get those birthday bash, i would never ask for anything else. Hihi =D The 100% rock-and-roll theme party simply amazing, the down to earth birthday girl, Stefanie really cute on the stunning outfit and the most important thing, special appearance guest star singing to Stefanie her birthday song, guess who? My Chemical Romance. Oh my gosh, if MCR appear in my birthday, I might faint and get up and faint again. Can you imagine our favorite band come to our birthday party? It's ridicilious but yeah, it's true. It happened to Stefanie! And what a birthay party without a cake. Like i told before this birthday party is a rock-and-roll theme. The cake is big (obviously!) and the best part is, there are guitar and drum's cake on the top of the cake. Crazy but cute. And she cut her cake with MCR besideher... crazy crazy crazy aaaaaaaaa............

Oh, did I inform about the invitation card?opss, not invitation card..its a invitation CD! Stefanie required to record her voice and she will give the beautiful-decorate invitation CD to her guest list. It's everything! Everything that she ever dream on her birthday, all come true.

Ok, here my own super sweet 22 version. =D

Theme -
Beach theme, all white and pink (so adorable!)

The invitation -
In the bottle plus some sand in the bottle =D

The cake -

A very pink chocolate cake and a big 22 number on the top of the cake.
(ala LC 21st bday cake)

The gift -

A mini cooper!

The VVIP guest -

All Arsenal player (too demand huh?) ;P + Leona Lewis... (all from Britain!)

Btw, it just a dream for me...

Till then... da~~~

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