Sunday, March 30, 2008

Depressed+Scared+Hated = Won

It brings me to tears when Bolton's player, Matthew Taylor scored 2nd goal when Arsenal met them at Reebox Stadium last nite. I watched that game, of course. Hoping for Arsenal to win after a humilating lost to Chelsea last week. I'm glad when Ika, was vote out from AF, a very not-talented-at-all student and a pretended diva (about the dress). But when I tune to ESPN, to watch the game, I'm so depressed, scared and hated. And not enough for that worst, Diaby get red and now, they have to play with ten man! SUCKKKK!!! I watched the game alone and because of that I can scream and cry. You have no idea how they play. Bad,bad,bad,suck,suck,suck! I don't know what the f*****g game Arsenal play. Why,why?

When enter the second half, they didn't show any improvement, which is bring me crazy! But then, I feel a lil' okay because Theo Walcott in - he is okay few games before. Hell yeah, it's true. Then, when William Gallas scored instead of poor corner defense of Bolton, I really hope they can scored another two goals. And thanks to them, less than 10 munites, Robin van Persie scored a very-worry penalty. And three minutes before full time, Fabregas make a very good comeback to score 3rd goal. We won, we won, we won. Hahahaha We really want this badly. Down to ten man, comeback after o-2, it was terrific. I don't care they played bad but we won!

But later that morning, MU won 4-0 (??????) over Aston Villa. Oh, gosh, how can anybody stop them??? Who?


Eiroll said...

MU ttp no 1....hopefully Arsenal 2 slalu la kalah hehehe

.shasha. said...

anum ngokngek..dengki ler miss pink nak bgtau.. MU ngokngek, kita tgk ler, ade 5 games lg tau! huh,